DEADLY SPAWN x Asakusa Deathfest 2016

DEADLY SPAWN x Asakusa Deathfest 2016

1997年結成、そのクオリティの高い楽曲構成と、ギターが交互に紡ぎあげる複雑なリフワーク、ドライで疾走感のあるブラストワークの集約されたパフォーマンスで地下メタルヘッズの胸を熱く沸かせてきたDEADLY SPAWN。

An evening of debauchery with Deadly Spawn.

Digging up the grave of classical metal, Tokyo's speed-laden, blastilicious atrocity is now officially with us.
Since 1997, they have been spreading the seeds of righteous deaths on our metal soil by their
blazing, complex riffs interweaving through alternating guitars and concrete-demolishing blastworks.
They're known not only for the quality of composition throughout the pair of full-length albums, most recently followed by their split with HUMILIATION, but also for the overwhelming stage performance that always starts with the intro with inauspicious voices in the darkness,
gradually riding onto the sequence of cynical harmonies.
Deathheads and blastlovers alike, their appearance should please the eyes and ears of thrashers and classic heavy metal fans.

With license to kill, they're ready to get down with their bloody business!